Hot Pink 💋

One of my favorite parts of the day – mixing up paint colours!

What do you get if you mix Emperor’s Silk (Red) + White + a touch of Blue? Yes, Hot Mamma Pink! 💋

If you have a piece of furniture you would like customized in your favorite color, contact us at


Dragonfly Wing Sideboard

Another of our commissioned pieces, staying in Dublin for a change – we are loving the customer’s choice of color. We mixed this color to match Colortrend ‘Dragonfly Wing’ – isn’t it vibrant!

To have your own piece of furniture customized, simply send us measurements & a photo & we’ll get back to you in a flash!


Sold in 5 minutes!

We barely had this one finished before it sold!

Lovely little vintage Mahogany corner table, refinished in ‘Coastal Blue’ with just a touch of gold. The top was restored & given a couple of coats of High Performance Finish for durability. Isn’t she lovely 😊